Mommy’s heart melts hearing 8-week-old baby’s words…

While parents “hear” their babies say all sorts of things as soon as they start babbling, most babies say their first word sometime after 10 months of age (but 14 months is also common). But even so, they may only have a couple of words, most of the variety “mom” and “dad”. But because moms and dads seem to take speech as a sign of their “superior” parenting skills, we’re getting a lot of claims, including videos of “proof” of early speech.

Let’s face it, it’s honestly a bit silly to say that your child is talking even before his brain has learned to understand words. However, some parents insist that their newborn managed to say “I love you” at just 8 WEEKS of age. It is important to note that even if a child could approach these sounds at such an early age, he would not understand what he was saying. But that didn’t stop Tim Hamilton’s video from being viewed over 53 million times! And we assume that most people have listened several times. Is she muttering something like “I love you”? This is up for discussion. She is absolutely heartbreaking!

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Mommy’s heart melts hearing 8-week-old baby’s words…
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