Mom learns her 2 adopted kids are biological siblings: ‘They were meant to find each other’… 🎥VIDEO

A Colorado mother was surprised for life when she found out that her two adopted children are biologically siblings. Kathy Page of Parker, Colorado, had just adopted Grayson, now 2, in May 2017 when she received a call about a month later that baby girl Hannah, now 1, was in need of a foster family. She immediately accepted the little girl and quickly noticed some similarities between the two babies.

“The children had very similar traits. They both have a dimple in their chin, and the other feature only mom will see because it is hidden by their diaper!” Paige, 36, tells PEOPLE. Page believed that the children were descended from different mothers, as the biological mother gave different surnames when she gave the children up for adoption. No one at the adoption agency suspected that the children were siblings. Paige, a single mother, says her family and friends didn’t believe her when she brought up the opportunity.

“They were just as shocked as I was. Everyone thought I was crazy,” she recalls to PEOPLE. “I think everyone thought it was too far because I had nothing to go on, but my intuition told me that there was more to this story. We kept it under wraps until more information came out to support the theory.”

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