Mel Brooks cracks up ‘The Dick Cavett Show’ with his Sinatra impersonation

‘The Dick Cavett Show’ has welcomed many guests over the years. Some were comedians, and some were singers, but when Mel Brooks appeared, he did a bit of both. Do you have a favorite Mel Brooks movie?

Host Dick Cavett asks Mel what he tries to do in his comedy routines to intrigue people. Mel responds, ‘I try to be different. I try to do impressions that are weird like I do Humphrey Bogart’s sister.’ The crowd laughs.

Dick says, ‘Well, that’s unique.’ Mel says, ‘Can I do a little Susan Bogart for you?’ The audience responds, ‘Yes!’ He starts to talk in a low voice and barely moves his mouth. Mel talks about how the family doesn’t care for Humphrey because he has money. The crowd loves it.

Dick asks, ‘I’ve been asked many times to coax you to do Sinatra. Could you do that for us?’ Dick tells him there’s a stool if he wants to use it, and Mel goes to the stool on stage and gets into it.

He looks at the crowd and says, ‘Frank Sinatra, ‘America the Beautiful.’ ‘Ok? Got it?’ The crowd laughs. He starts to sing and look around just like Sinatra would do in his performances.

The crowd laughs as he continues to smoke a cigarette and sing. Instead of saying, ‘Crown thy good with motherhood,’ Mel says, ‘And sort of crown thy good, with a big fat gang of motherhood.’ The crowd laughs hysterically.

Mel ends his impression of Frank Sinatra and walks back to the desk, thanking the crowd. They loved it, and Dick Cavett was laughing right along with them. Mel Brooks is a comedy treasure that always entertained the crowd!

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Mel Brooks cracks up ‘The Dick Cavett Show’ with his Sinatra impersonation
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