“Lord of the Dance” performs phenomenally coordinated Riverdance for massive audience… 🎥VIDEO

Irish music/dance group Lord of the Dance went viral with a video from one of their live performances. Filmed by a viewer from the side of the stage, this is an unedited recording of a dance number from a live performance. The first thing that catches your eye is the perfect coordination between the dancers. They dance Riverdance style in hard-heeled shoes, making their feet double as percussionists during the performance.

And the rhythms they created in the dance were just phenomenal. It was a challenge and response between lead dancer Michael Flatley and his backing dancer. They sang the answers in perfect unison. Lord of the Dance was an Irish musical/dance production created, directed and produced by Irish-American dancer Michael Flatley, who also starred.

It was originally published in 1996 and continues to delight viewers around the world. It was Flatley’s first solo effort and was written by Michael Flatley of Riverdance fame. Flatley has also appeared on other dance shows such as Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger Live and has performed in front of over 60 million people in 60 countries, grossing over $1 billion.

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