Look at the reaction of the baby to his mother’s song.

It’s so sweet and touching. Babies are so impressionable and emotional! Look at the hero of this video – the baby listens so carefully to how his mother sings. The most amazing thing is his touching reaction to his mother’s song! The kid simply could not cope with his emotions and burst into tears! Look! It turns out that children are the most beautiful miracle on earth. Just think that there are little people in the world

Who stretch out their arms to everyone and think about everyone that he is good and kind. Little people for whom it doesn’t matter whether your face is beautiful or bad, they are ready to kiss everyone with joy, they love everyone – old and young, rich and poor. How I want to be a child again. Children are different. When they like someone, they just approach, hug tightly, kiss on the cheek, say, let’s be friends.

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