Little girl’s lullaby to her baby melts everyone’s hearts…

This little girl lives in her own little world while trying to explore the big world outside. Her innocence is matched only by the curiosity that is characteristic of children of her age. She loves her doll. And since babies imitate almost everything they see, Ivy does to her what her mom does. Sing her baby to sleep! Ivy even wraps her baby up to protect him from the cold!

She sits on the floor in her overalls while her mother persuades her to sing and rock the baby to sleep. Without hesitation, Ivy starts singing “Rockabye baby” filled with baby talk and gibberish. These pint-sized people have been exposed to music ever since they were in their mother’s belly. Even mom’s heartbeat counts as music. But just when they enter this toddler stage, they try to start singing. Toddlers love to experiment with their voice, so adding a few notes here and there, though often out of tune, adds to their fun and innocence.

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Little girl’s lullaby to her baby melts everyone’s hearts…
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