Little girl ‘teaches’ her husky puppy how to climb the stairs… 🎥VIDEO

Little Mia is such a good teacher. When you are small, the world seems so big. There are so many things to learn, from how to feed yourself to how to navigate the world around you. This is true for both puppies and human babies. Luckily, one year old Mia is more than ready to teach her puppy Teddy how to climb the big scary stairs.

This sweet moment was captured on camera and posted on YouTube Life with Malamutes, where it has been viewed by over 950,000 people worldwide. In the caption to the video, Mia’s parents explain, “Teddy had never seen stairs before and was intrigued by them, so we thought we’d show him that it’s okay and how to climb them!

At first he was a little nervous after the first steps, but soon enough he is flying up and down with his best friend Amelia.” Mia is the best person to teach Teddy how to use the stairs – she just taught herself. She is only a year old, but she has already mastered the art of rock climbing!

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Little girl ‘teaches’ her husky puppy how to climb the stairs… 🎥VIDEO
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