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The birth of a new child in the family can be a difficult test for brothers and sisters. Here are some tips to make the transition easier if you have other children: Try to spend some alone time with each child. If both of your children need you at the same time, consider taking care of the older child first.

The child’s feelings will not be hurt if he is kept waiting. Use emotional words with your older children so they can express their emotions. For example, saying something like, “I see you’re disappointed that daddy can’t read to you right now,” will help older children learn to recognize their feelings. Let the older child help care for the newborn, such as bringing diapers and applying lotion.

Talk to your newborn about his or her older siblings. Comments such as “You are so lucky to have a brother who can teach you how to walk” can make an older child feel special. Interpret the child’s actions in a positive way. For example: “Look how the baby smiles at you. She loves it when you talk to her.” Praise your older child for good behavior. Tell your children that you love them many times a day.

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