Legends Andy Griffith and Randy Travis sing together on ‘Matlock’… 🎥VIDEO

Matlock was a famous TV series starring Andy Griffith. The show also welcomed guest stars to episodes. Andy invited country music star Randy Travis to perform a few songs together. Randy and Andy are sitting on an old sofa in the living room. Randy wears a black t-shirt and plays the acoustic guitar, while Andy wears a plaid shirt and plays the ukulele.

Each star takes on a solo verse and they join together in the song’s chorus, singing, “And promise me that you’ll never be, be loved by anyone but mine.” 1986 to 1995 between NBC and ABC. The show contained dramatic courtroom scenes featuring “Ben Matlock” played by the legendary Andy Griffith.

If you watched the show in the 80s and 90s, you’ll remember Matlock’s love of hot dogs and his old Ford Crown Victoria. Andy made the character memorable down to his all-gray suit.

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