Kindergarten Class helped to Make Amazing Proposal With Priceless ”What Love Means” Video…

One kindergarten teacher received an unexpected marriage proposal full of sweetness thanks to her students and a wonderful boyfriend. On October 26, Brett Wolfe asked his girlfriend Torrie Byune, who teaches at Stanton Elementary School in Fenton, Missouri, during a schoolwide rally. Near the end of the meeting, the principal announced that they would be giving out the Love Is the Key award for teachers who go beyond the call of duty. Bune heard her name called as the first recipient. “I was shocked,” she wrote in As He Asked. “It’s all really blurry now, but I just remember feeling overwhelmed with joy because I really love my kids!”

The director pointed to a chair that was in the middle of the gym and asked me to sit on it. and watch the short video clip they made to show their appreciation.” In the video, Buehne’s former students gave their own definition of love, such as “When someone really, really likes you.” The last child says, “Love means you’re going to get married.” It was then that a montage of photographs for all four years of the couple’s relationship began to be reproduced. The video ends with Buhne’s current students chanting “Say yes!”

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