Just amazing!!! What a unique way to play piano…

If you have ever seen the movie Big, you know what a floor piano is. It’s a mat that you press on that produces the related note on a piano. Since you can’t use your fingers to press on the keys, you use your feet! While it might be “easy” to play on a normal piano, it takes practice to play it on a floor one! You need to coordinate who is playing, what and where. You also have to have one person acting as the bass “hand” and the other as the “treble” hand. It only takes four notes to know what song the two are performing! With a flourish and a hop, the two signal to each other and start their song. After the initial notes, they even pause to do the little snaps, just like the song!

It’s hard to play such a large instrument. You can easily see how skilled these two are by watching them play (more like dance). They switch sides, twirl their feet, and stay in rhythm the whole way through. Il Grande Piano does great stuff and plays their portable piano all across the world. Maybe the next time they perform this, they invite the Pink Panther on as a special guest!

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Just amazing!!! What a unique way to play piano…
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