Judges of Britain’s Got Talent are impressed by a cute dog

A woman set foot on the stage of British talent during her concert. In his arms was a small, very handsome dog with a shiny red bow tie around its neck.

He introduced himself as Lucy and her dog Trip Hazard, a trip for a short time. It is a mixture of Pomeranian and Maltese. He is a dog trainer and they have been together for about a year.

Lucy started talking about how Trip has a lot of girlfriends and girlfriends and how she wants to prove that little dogs can have a great time too. When his introduction was over, they began their speech.

The trip just jumped off his feet, which he kept in the air for him. And he runs back with his head raised to the side where the woman was standing on the other side of the stage.

They danced together as he weaved between his legs and between his legs. He pressed his thigh and asked him to shake the audience.

Returning to the floor, he crawled towards the woman, rolling and turning. Then, when the woman bent down, he climbed on her back and created a platform for her. He was able to raise waves in front of the audience.

The audience was delighted even when they finished their speech. Lucy lay on her back and lifted Tripp into the air, using her lower legs. They ended their speech by hitting a picture.

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Judges of Britain’s Got Talent are impressed by a cute dog
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