Inquisitive German Shepherd puppy meets laid back Golden Retriever puppy for the first time… 🎥VIDEO

Taras and his partner lived in Costa del Sol, Spain. Animal lovers have had several pets that are like their own children. Pet owners recently adopted a golden retriever puppy. The owners wanted to introduce little golden retriever puppy Mia to their curious and playful German Shepherd Jesse. The little girl, Jessie, was glad to see her little brother.

Mia and Jesse were almost the same age. So the German Shepherd rolled around on the couch to see his new playmate. However, the timid cream-colored Golden Retriever puppy was skeptical of his new friend. As Taras’ partner brought Mia closer to Jesse, the golden retriever pup looked away from the wild yet adorable puppy. However, the cute German Shepherd wanted more information about her playmate and started sniffing around curiously.

However, with a laid-back attitude, the timid golden retriever did nothing and acted aloof. Poor Mia was afraid of her new friend. After her owner laid her down on the sofa, Mia immediately sniffed Jessie. The golden retriever pup was still wary of his new surroundings and had his tail between his legs. However, the playful German Shepherd didn’t back down and made sure she befriends Mia.

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