Innova Irish dance company are the belles of BGT… ?VIDEO

Innova Irish Dance Company is an Irish dance group that reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in Series 8. They are native to the north coast of Northern Ireland. When asked how long they have been dancing together, the group leader replied that they have been dancing next to each other since they were three or four years old or something like that. When asked who brought the group together, the lead member of the group identified himself and two members named Kira and Emma.

When asked if they looked like “Michael Flatley” in the group, the group leader replied that “well, the younger version”. At their audition, they performed a dance number to a medley of songs including “Party Rock Anthem”, “Rock This Party”, “Timber”, and “Get Up (Rattle)”. They later advanced to the next round before advancing to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, they performed a dance routine to a medley of “I Love It”, “Tsunami (Jump)”, “Tell Me Ma”, and “#SELFIE”. They went to the judges’ vote and received two votes from Amanda and Alyosha, while Simon and David voted for their opposition to Lettice Rowbotham, resulting in a deadlock in the voting. After this stalemate, it was revealed that they had placed third in the public vote, so would not advance further in the competition.

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Innova Irish dance company are the belles of BGT… ?VIDEO
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