Incredible Little Twins Merle and Stign talking to each other for the first time…

Little twins Merle and Steen are talking to each other for the first time and it looks like they have a lot to share with each other. Luckily, their parents captured this important and adorable moment on video so we can all eavesdrop on their sweet conversation.

Twins not only have a brother or sister with whom they spent a lot of time together and simultaneously developed in their mother’s belly, but also two different personalities – both “twin” and as separate. Twin identity creates a deep attachment that will be present consciously or unconsciously throughout life. And individuality creates competition, anger, frustration and resentment. Sharing parental attention can create deep insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. Studies show that at the same level of development of intelligence in emotional terms, twin children, especially same-sex twins, differ significantly from single-born children. As a rule, twin children have lower self-esteem than their peers. At the same time, a twin brother or sister is a very significant figure.

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