How does this couple gets their 7 children ready every morning? 🎥VIDEO

Parents know it can be difficult to get everyone in the family up and moving in the morning. You need to cook breakfast, do your hair, pack lunch and give hugs. Skyler and Jamie Scott are the proud parents of seven children. They have two older boys and five toddlers.

Needless to say, the Scott family needs a little more planning and routine to keep their family of nine working every morning. This video shows how much effort it takes to just start the day. It starts with five bottles of vitamin D milk. The older boys then help wake the three baby girls. Snuggles and smiles abound as the girls unzip their fleece sleepers.

Jamie and her sons give their daughter their bottles and go upstairs to wake the boys. The mother of seven explains that every morning is like waking up before Christmas. The special quality of having seven beautiful children never gets old.

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