Her mythical song touched everyone in the hall…

Very moved by the cover of her mythical song “I am sick” by little Emma, ​​10, during the blind auditions of “The Voice Kids 5”, Serge Lama invited the little girl to his home to congratulate her. On October 19, the jury and viewers of “The Voice Kids 5” on TF1 were very moved by the cover of I am sick by Serge Lama by little Emma, ​​a 10-year-old CM2 schoolgirl, suffering from retinitis.

The singer invited the little girl to his home. “I was at his house. And we even ate a cake which was super good made by her manager who is super nice, says Emma to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. Serge Lama is also too nice. He saw me sing I’m sick at the blind auditions. He told me that I sang his song very well. “This Friday evening, Emma will try to win the tele-hook: “I am confident. I’m going to blow it all up. I’m so happy to have come this far. I will fight until the end to get the trophy. I’ve dreamed of it since I was little.” Eliminated last week by Soprano during the semi-finals, the youngest of the show was recovered by Jenifer.

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