Happy babies who are meeting daddy coming home…

Children love their dads very much, because they are always kind, play, fool around, buy gifts, do not scold, like a mother. Therefore, children especially miss their dads when they are not around for a long time. How do fathers miss being away from their babies? Hard to imagine. But sometimes such separation does not depend on anyone, it is simply a necessity that cannot be avoided. So, the heroes of our video collection, military fathers, were forced to part with their families because of the service. And finally, the very moment has come when dads can again hug their smallest and already adult children.

Many dads actively communicate with the baby even during pregnancy, it’s still a different level of interaction than mom. It is the mother who feels all the sensations from the baby, while the father perceives the child through the mother, through her thoughts, her descriptions of physical sensations. Although it is important when. Based on the characteristics of male and female psychology, it is common for women to come up with an image of a baby in advance, to imagine their future child, while men have to develop their paternal qualities after the baby is born. Therefore, men often have doubts about their paternal qualities. It is precisely at these moments that it is important for mom to support dad, to include him actively in the process of interaction and caring for the baby.

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