Golden Retriever meets her little puppies for the first time… 🎥VIDEO

A golden retriever’s first encounter with a litter of puppies has been captured on video that will melt even the hardest of hearts. Animal videos may offer a form of escape from the routine of daily life, but beyond that, they also have far-reaching benefits.

A study published in Clinical Psychology Review in 2010 found that, in moderation, watching such clips not only improves mood, but also increases “life satisfaction and stress resilience.” Stella was one of three golden retrievers who lived with Lulu and Remy with their owners.

But everything changed when Lulu became pregnant. A few weeks ago, Lulu gave birth to a litter of 11 perfectly formed puppies. Overnight, Stella became “Aunt Stella” and she loved every minute of it. According to her owners, Stella was “crazy” for newcomers, but until recently “kept a fair distance.”

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