Girl has heartwarming reunion with military dad during gym class…

Seeing someone coming home from work is one of the most touching things the internet has ever given. With each new clip we see, it only reaffirms our appreciation for our troops and reminds us of the sacrifices they make every day. In one video, we see what it’s like for a little girl to see not a war hero, but to see her dad come home. Alexus London is a fifth grader who was surprised in the best possible way. Alexus, 10, goes to William Rall Elementary School in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York. She knows what her father does, especially since she spent most of her life with her father in the army.

On Valentine’s Day, she was given a gift that no physical object could match. Army Staff Sergeant Daniel London said goodbye to his daughter every time he was on a business trip. “She remembers my every deployment,” Daniel London told ABC7. When Alexus was only two years old, both of her parents were sent to Afghanistan for 15 months. Her father returned a year later but was sent back when she was 5 years old. Finally, it was deployed as recently as June.

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