Five brothers are happy to meet their newborn sister… 🎥VIDEO

There are already five boys in this beautiful family. They were all so excited to welcome their newborn little sister into their extended family. Before, when we didn’t have such a thing as revealing gender, all we could do was wait for our parents to get the baby back from the hospital. But now everything has changed.

These parents informed their boys, Cal, Thad, Troy, Rogan and Ross, that they would have a younger sister. The boys could not contain their joy and began to jump with excitement. Parents line them up and give them jars of powder and ask them to pour the contents into the air to open. The powder was pink, which meant that the boys would finally have a long-awaited sister.

When the boys finally meet their little sister Shay, they are at a loss for words. They can hardly hide their excitement. They all gather around the bed to look at the beautiful girl in her mother’s arms and admire her.

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