Father And Daughter Sing Beautiful Rendition Of “A Million Dreams”.

The beauty of this moves me to tears. People everywhere are trying to adjust to being homebound, including kids and teens who are usually attending school at this point in the year. But while daily life hasn’t looked the same – some families are discovering positive activities to fill their time.

15-year-old Savanna Shaw and her father Mat have been sharing beautiful music with the world over the last several weeks. Their duets are created in their Utah home and are lifting spirits across the internet. If you’re in need of a little brightness in your day – just wait until you hear their rendition of “A Million Dreams.”

Teenagers these days seem to constantly be on their phones checking social media (adults too). However, Savanna isn’t your typical teenager according to her dad. That’s because she didn’t have an account until just recently when she requested to get one to stay connected to her friends from choir.

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