Families Meeting Newborn Babies For The First Time…

You have been waiting for this day for several months: now you will finally meet your new child. But like many new parents, you may not have a clear idea of ​​what this meeting will be like. Wondering what your baby will look like and what he or she will do after birth? What does your newborn look like? You probably imagine a strong bouncing baby, but in fact, many newborns are tiny, wet creatures when they first come into the world. Often their heads are slightly pointed as a result of passing through the birth canal. This is temporary – in a few days the head will take on a rounded appearance. It may surprise you that a newborn’s head is so large compared to the rest of the body.

Your baby may also look crooked, as the legs and arms were bent at the knees and elbows in the womb. After several months of growing in constantly cramped conditions, this is completely normal. The limbs will straighten out as your child grows. Look at your baby’s tiny fingers and toes. You will notice paper thin and sometimes long nails.

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Families Meeting Newborn Babies For The First Time…
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