Emotional and touching conversation between girls and father…

Considering that all problems come from childhood, and dad is the first man a girl sees, this aspect of the relationship is extremely important for the future life of the child. From how warm and harmonious the relationship between father and daughter has developed, her worldview in adulthood, relationships with the opposite se, self-esteem, and the possibility of self-realization will depend. The psychology of “father-daughter” is the opposition, the contrast of the relationship between daughter and mother. They influence completely different factors of personality development: the formation of self-discipline and self-confidence.

While mothers tend to be more protective and caring for their daughters, fathers allow more freedom in actions and deeds. You can climb a tree, get your dress dirty, playing with enthusiasm on a walk. But at the same time – to realize one’s own responsibility for such a step: to assess and minimize the risk of falling from a tree, the need to clean and repair clothes that have lost their appearance. Responsibility for your health, well-being, appearance. Most often, it is loving fathers who instill a love for sports, an active lifestyle, travel and tourism.

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