Elvis Presley cover has X Factor contestants dancing along

X-Factor shows around the world are looking for the most amazing and different talents who need to excel in music. In this speech of X-Factor Greece, the judges were not the only ones who were very impressed with the opponent’s speech.

One of the young mistresses decided to put her spin on the famous Elvis Presley song “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. The judges just smile when he sings his distinctive and astonishing version, which sounded like a lullaby.

He hurried to the music and smiled, as if imagining what it feels like to fall in love. His voice and unique sounds encouraged everyone present so much that even the audience waiting behind the stage were very impressed with his performance.

Those who were looking forward to the performance calmed their nerves and danced with each other during their opponent’s ballad. The smiles on their faces began to increase as they remembered what they were actually doing.

The contest tested their talents and skills, but this young lady with a voice that would bring Elvis to tears clearly reminded them of their purpose. Their talent simply brings them joy, just as he does them.

This blanket gives a breath of fresh air. Just close your eyes and let his fiery voice just flood you completely. You smile and flow like the participants behind the stage.

The main goal of X-Factor is to find the best talent. It is possible that they struck gold to a young Greek woman who knew exactly how to seduce her listeners with a favorite song by the classic Elvis Presley.

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