Kyle Tomlinson have the most soulful voice. He is just extraordinary…

Kyle Tomlinson is a singer who auditioned for episodes 8 and 11 of Britain’s Got Talent and was awarded the Golden Buzzer by David Walliams after his second audition. Tomlinson first auditioned for episode 8 of Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 12. After his performance, David remarked, “I think you should leave and maybe work with a singing teacher or something.” It is not known how the other judges reacted, but Kyle later stated that “they were very nice”. He did not advance to the next round.

Tomlinson returned to audition for season 11 of Britain’s Got Talent, explaining that he received professional singing lessons in the three years since his first audition. At the audition, he performed “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Alyosha commented: “You put your heart and soul at stake and we all felt it.” When it was David’s turn to speak, he said, “I thought that was really good,” hitting the Golden Buzzer, automatically sending Kyle to the semi-finals.

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