Dads are always thinking of new methods to express their love for their children…

Father and mother are the two most dear and most important people in the life of every child. And if the role of mother is clear to everyone, then the role of dad is often unconscious, incomprehensible and, to our great regret, often comes down to punishments in the life of a little man. Meanwhile, our children so much need the father’s participation in their lives, his friendship, care and protection. We bring to your attention a series of articles called “Dad is not your mother!”, in which we will try to reveal the role of the father in raising a child, the communication of a father with a baby, the relationship of a man with his daughter, son.

There is a well-established stereotype that the most important for the development of the baby is the connection between mother and child. But it turns out that the communication of the child with the father is no less important for the full formation of the personality. So why is the role of the father usually considered secondary? Sociologists have done interesting research. Seven out of ten people believe that mother and father are equally responsible for raising a child. But in reality, fathers spend an average of less than one month a year with their children. But it has long been known that children growing up without a father study much worse. Moreover, such children are much more likely to commit crimes. After all, every baby needs a harmonious development, which can only be obtained if both parents are present. Mom gives her child tenderness and affection, father – protection and confidence.

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