Daddy and Baby Cutest Moment. Dad plays guitar to baby daughter…

Did you know that music can make you and your child smarter and happier? We have always known that music has a powerful, transformative and unifying effect on people. But only now we know that music improves memory and cognitive skills. This is because listening to and playing music causes changes in the brain. Plus, both activities can release a healthy dose of endorphins, the so-called “happiness hormone.”

What happens when children listen to music? Neuroscientists who study children’s brains say music also has long-term benefits for babies. Music is of great importance for a child’s brain. One study by the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences found that after children listen to music, their auditory and prefrontal cortices look different. These are areas of the brain responsible for processing music and speech. Not only that, when young children interact with others, it has been observed that the positive effects of listening to music extend to personality traits such as helpfulness and cooperation.

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