Dad singing to baby Owen at 5 days old…

In ancient China, there was a ritual of acquaintance with the father. At the very beginning of his wife’s pregnancy, the father told the baby about what awaits him after birth, talked about his future family, about himself. If after that the child remained in the mother’s womb, it means that he agreed to stay in this family, accepted it as his own. Approximately, from the twentieth week, when you can put your hand on your mother’s stomach and feel the baby’s tremors, dad is already having a full-fledged dialogue with him. The child perfectly hears and remembers the father’s voice, his stroking or light tapping. By the way, after birth, contact with dad can also calm a crying baby, because in this way the baby remembers well-known sensations. “When my tummy became already noticeable, our dad became “pregnant” too. He talks to the belly, strokes, kisses, everything is very gentle and sweet, but without lisping.

“Even before birth, my son perfectly distinguished who was touching his “house” – parents or someone else. With strangers, he refused to knock and immediately calmed down when he was asked to respond. And he had a great relationship with his dad. When the baby began to push vigorously at night, only the songs of the war years performed by his father could calm him down. And when dad feels the movements of his baby, talks to him and sings military songs to him, where do his fears and anxieties go! As if by the way, the idea arises that childbirth, like conception, is a joint process that requires the active participation of the pope.

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