Dad of 7 amazing babies has the most incredible parenting hacks… ?VIDEO

Chad Kempel became an internet celebrity with his creative techniques and creative parenting skills that impressed viewers. The father of seven shares his inventions on his YouTube channel called Quint Hacks. For those who care about children, every step along the way can cause panic. Every day is a challenging adventure for a parent with a newborn. So, what happens when you raise not only one child, but five at the same time?

Sparks of creativity. When Chad and Amy Kempel found out they were having quintuplets, they already had two girls at home. Chad says it was like the Fourth of July with all the flickering heartbeats on the first ultrasound. What should have been a happy moment for the couple was tinged with a touch of horror.

Kempel had previously had several miscarriages before giving birth to quintuplets. In the end, the five babies arrived home safely, and the couple had to develop a plan for caring for their seven children. At this point, Chad thought about how he could help his wife while he was away, so he came up with ways to streamline the feeding process before changing the diaper.

The couple’s interview received over nine million views and 73,000 likes as viewers on the platform flooded the Kempels with support and admiration. Many paid tribute not only to Chad, but also to Amy. One wrote: “This is a couple who are genuinely grateful that they have each of their children and are getting the most out of it.” Chad, along with his wife, points out that having all the kids was terrible at first, but having them happy and healthy was a fantastic process.

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Dad of 7 amazing babies has the most incredible parenting hacks… ?VIDEO
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