Dad has a great technique for comforting his baby getting shots… 🎥VIDEO

All babies need vaccines to protect themselves, but vaccines hurt. When this particular child receives his first vaccinations, his father is always there for him, even though his father is afraid of needles. The technique he uses to comfort his son will warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity.

Taking pictures is never fun, even though they are important. When the child needed his first shots, his father was there to comfort him, even though he himself was afraid of injections. The child seems fine during the first part of the examination, but then the gunshots start and the tears flow in full force.

This super dad calms down his child by talking to him, asking him, “What are they doing?” and “Did it hurt?” and let the little baby talk about his crying. The baby soon calms down, and although his little feet probably still hurt, by the end of the video he is no longer crying. What a wonderful father.

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