Dad gives hilarious tutorial ”How to teach a toddler to sing”… ?VIDEO

New Zealand sensation Jordan Watson “How to Dad” is back with a new witty instructional video. This video features his adorable 2-year-old daughter who once again steals the show. A dad sets out to teach his daughter to sing, and this results in fun as she can hit all the notes and master all genres. She’s a true show stopper, with her eye-catching toe curls, on-screen chemistry and stellar personality. Jordan Watson created How to Be a Dad by a stroke of luck when he made a satirical instructional video a few years ago that went viral.

The video was intended for a family friend who was about to have her first child. One night he posted a video on Facebook, and the next day he woke up to find that the video had become a worldwide hit with thousands of views. Jordan shares his thoughts with The Guardian on how he continues to make hit videos. “I just think that if I find it funny and makes my parents laugh, then that’s the right thing to do.” “How to Teach a Baby to Sing” is a relatively new release of “How to Make a Dad” and has already amassed over half a million views.

Jordan starts off by teaching the “basics” of music, meaning he basically goes through octaves one after the other, with his co-star giving each one his full. The little lady mimics whatever body movement dad uses to reach the octave and it’s adorable. He then introduces her to various musical genres, starting with pop music, where dad delivers a vocal “Mmmm-bop” and his tiny baby responds with her impeccable comedic rhythm.

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Dad gives hilarious tutorial ”How to teach a toddler to sing”… ?VIDEO
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