Dad bursts into tears as he reads daddy-daughter book… 🎥VIDEO

A six-year-old girl wiped tears from her emotional father’s eyes as he read a personalized collection of stories about the support he would give her as she grew up. Dad Nick Bryant, 35, was delighted when he reached the end of the story of how Reagan’s daughter went from baby to little girl with him. When he got to the line “Gravity has nothing to do with you, you’ll touch the sky” with a caricature of Nick tossing Reagan in the air, the loving father really exploded.

When Reagan wiped her father’s tears with a napkin, Nick declared: “This is the best gift in the world – and not even for me!” The book came as a surprise to Nick from his 36-year-old wife Sheri, who wanted to give him a father-daughter gift of real sentimental value. It was released by Hooray Heroes, a company that specializes in publishing books about the adventures of children and parents to order. After brunch one day, Nick decides to read a book to Reagan, causing Sheri to confess that she rarely sees plumbing from Nick.

Sheri, speaking about the moment, which happened on June 20 and was later published by Hooray Heroes, said, “I thought she was so caring and caring and there were no tears in her eyes — she knew her dad had happy tears. “That moment made me feel warm and fluffy – I rarely see Nick cry for joy or cry at all, so it was very memorable.

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Dad bursts into tears as he reads daddy-daughter book… 🎥VIDEO
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