Dad builds button-box for busy-minded toddler

If parents can catch the interests of their kids at an early age, it can help them nurture their interests so that the babies can make a career out of it when they grow up. Recently, something similar happened. A caring father tried introducing his toddler to electronics and programming at an early age.

Like any other 1-year-old, the child was interested in pushing buttons. This made his creative father design a busy board for his son. A busy board is a bunch of activities to keep a toddler involved for a long time. He intended to keep his toddler occupied with attractive and exciting buttons in a single box.

The father believed introducing his child to electronics and programming early was no harm. So, he checked out several busy board patterns online. But unfortunately, he didn’t like a single one. Thus, he decided to create his own design.

He went to the local electronics store to get the different items needed for his design. The store had a vast selection of buttons, switches, vintage analog components, and lights. He grabbed anything that he found interesting.

The toddler’s father cut several types of holes in a wooden box in places where he planned to fix the switches and lights. Once the holes were cut, he quickly painted the box white and began wiring all the electronic components.

After designing, the father presented the busy board to his toddler son. The moment he saw the box, he knew exactly what to do with it. First, he pushed the different buttons, some of which made different sounds, and some helped tiny bulbs to light up.

The busy board was made of different components. It had the on/off switch at the side with a mode select button. The box contained an electromechanical counter, a size-way dial, and toggle switches that lit several lights and made exciting sounds. There was also a voltmeter and a big button in the middle. The voltmeter was functional and revealed how much batter remained. There were several other switches, too, that kept his toddler busy.

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