Cutest Relationship between French Bulldog And Baby…

Almost all young parents put off the idea of meeting a child and a dog on the back burner, because ”there still seems to be a lot of time” and ”most likely it will somehow grow together”. And there it is day, so close. The insidious lady, who comes later, begins to get out of that very box, but not alone, but arm in arm with all sorts of the worst fears, and sometimes horror before how dog will react to a new family member. In order not to repeat this scenario, it is necessary to prepare the ground in advance.

Try to get everything you need in advance and put in its place, for example, put the crib and stroller where they will be in the future, hang a canopy that smells like the baby detergent you plan to use. Remember that new objects, smells, sounds are a source of tremendous stress for your pet, ”after all, a scary monster stroller has invaded dogs territory and needs to be attacked”, and ”the most terrible sounds of a lullaby come from a strange bed”, which means that the dog will be afraid and empty your bladder under the couch. The options for the response of the animal are varied, someone will close in on himself, and someone will immediately show an active defensive reaction.

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