Cute Puppies and Babies are playing together…

Anyone who grew up with a dog knows how many wonderful and happy moments dogs bring to our childhood. How nice it is to come home after school to an empty apartment and see your four-legged friend rejoice at you. And after all, he absolutely does not care what grade you received, he rejoices at your return as if you flew to the moon and you were gone for a whole year. A faithful friend and a cheerful companion of any walks. Our childhood memories of our pets are endless. People who had a dog as a child are happy people!

But growing up, how often do we hear “We want to give away the dog because we had a child” or “The dog bit the child and we gave it away” …. Yes, in order for a dog to really be a member of the family and give the joy of communication to a child, adults should take care of this. Don’t get a dog for your child, get one for the whole family. First you need to understand the basics of dog psychology. A dog is a pack animal and, when living in a family, must obey the laws of hierarchy and clearly know who is in charge, whom to obey, who to obey, who is strong and authoritative in the family. The most interesting thing is that far from the one who trains, feeds or cares can be recognized as a leader. The hierarchy chain should be built like this: Owner (Mistress) -> Children (and other family members) -> dog -> aliens (dogs, people). The dog must understand that she is the youngest in the family by status.

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