Carol Burnett waxes nostalgic in a collection of funny clips from her show

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ is one of American history’s most fantastic TV success stories. When Carol gets interviewed, she shares her nostalgic look at the past.

Carol introduces an old clip, saying, ‘We’ve got a real one-two punch of guest stars, Steve Martin and Betty White.’ Betty is in the biker gang, and Steve is in the surfer gang. Betty says, ‘I just love surfers. Something about the smell of Coppertone gets me goose-pimply all over.’ Steve says, ‘I know what you mean. I get the same way smelling axle grease.’

The crowd laughs, and Carol narrates over the following clip. ‘It’s always summer in one of my favorite places, Hawaii. In our final season, Tudball and Wiggins got to leave the office and have some fun in the sun with Mrs. Tudball.’ Wiggins sits down in a beach chair next to Mr. Tudball. She sits in it, and the chair lowers to the ground. She gets confused and bounces on it while the crowd laughs.

Carol says, ‘For Mrs. Tudball, Bob Mackie figured we should go big or go home.’ The clip shows Mrs. Tudball, played by Vicki Lawrence, getting up from the chair and it sticking to her enlarged butt, and she ends up walking off the beach with it on her.

Carol says, ‘Summer means camp, families, spending time in nature. Some folks go a little more au-natural than others. One of our VIP sketches where we’d go out looking for interesting people.’

‘When Harvey asks my character what do nudists do for entertainment?’ I said, ‘We have dances every week.’ Then, Harvey’s line was, ‘Well, how do nudists dance?’ And my line said, ‘Very carefully.’ The censors disapproved of that line. So, we went with the punchline saying nudists dance ‘Cheek to cheek.’

Carol says, ‘Well, looking back at these shows has got me feeling all warm inside. What do you say, why don’t we hit the beach? You’ll grab the surfboards, and I’ll just go change into my suit. I’ll see you there.’ Carol puts her sunglasses on, and the great nostalgic video ends.

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Carol Burnett waxes nostalgic in a collection of funny clips from her show
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