Can you guess the celebrity from the childhood photo? ?VIDEO

Every child is special, celebrity-to-be or not. After all, all parents think their child is the cutest, smartest, most talented, and sweetest child the world has ever seen. And we also know that parents are more than biased because love can distort our vision.

But what if your child was truly exceptional? Are stars born or is it a matter of luck and coincidence? Looking at these photos of celebrities as babies, it’s hard to see anything particularly stellar (at least not more so than any other child). They are charming, sure, but what makes them exceptional?

For some of these (future celebrity) babies, their talent was born with them and will show up before they’re out of diapers. Others will require careful supervision, practice, and parents dedicated to honing their craft. And for many of the stars on this list, it felt like the Disney Channel had discovered them.

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Can you guess the celebrity from the childhood photo? ?VIDEO
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