Blind singer captivates room singing “Arms of an Angel”. Her voice is so pure and enchanting… 🎥VIDEO

Simone Soman was born blind in both eyes. The Waterford, Ontario-based singer and pianist says she has learned to live with her disability and accepts it. Soman stepped onto the Canada’s Got Talent stage with a talent she said she was lucky to have. And with the support of her fiancé Richard Hill, Soman enjoyed universal confidence in the world.

Simone has performed in the past, but decided to settle down for a while, having two kids who are just super adorable. Both kids, a boy and a girl, are now in school. She enters the stage to the applause of the audience, her fiancé helps her find a piano while she is seated and sets up a microphone for her.

Acquaintance occurs with the judge Trish Stratus, chatting with Simone. A former pro wrestler asks Simone where she is from and what it means to her. Simone replies that this is a great opportunity in life and that this is her first time participating in the competition.

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