Big sister melts over 1million hearts the way she cares for her siblings… 🎥VIDEO

One day she will be a wonderful mother herself. Erin Barsness and her husband Bryce have three little girls. And her eldest went viral for her cute acts of caring for her little sister. Erin, known as “Mama Bear Bliss” on her blog about home, style, fashion and parenting, has already been in the news (for looking for an Uber driver she had a heart-to-heart with).

But this time, her own sweet family is driving traffic to her blog and social media sites. Barsness’ eldest daughter Deklin is a big fan of her younger sisters and takes special care when it comes to the youngest in the family, Emmy. A moment my mother once captured on film was too sweet not to share.

“When Emmy was crying Deklin ran up to her and started comforting and comforting her, I went to get up to help her and sort of relieve her since she was first there and she turned to me and she said no, Mom, I got this and that was when I got on the record,” she told Good Morning America in a video interview.

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