Best Surprise Ever!!! Such a touching moment…

The couple hid the birth of a child for a year to surprise their relatives. In order to make a truly amazing surprise, you need to have remarkable endurance. In this capacity, you can not refuse Ben and Hannah Hinders from Kalua, Hawaii, who for a year hid the pregnancy and the birth of their daughter from relatives and friends. None of the family members living far from the Hinders had any idea that Hannah was pregnant and the couple had a child. “It was not easy,” the young father admitted. His wife gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Ivy Elizabeth, on September 2. After 2 months, the family went to visit Ben’s family in Virginia and Hanna’s family in Florida. They filmed the reactions of the shocked relatives who met Ivy for the first time.

This idea came to a married couple after they watched a video in which another couple surprised their loved ones by surprising them with the appearance of an adopted baby. As Hinders says, his wife had an idea: “What if we have a baby and don’t tell anyone, and then just show up on their doorstep?” Hannah suggested. Everyone reacted something like this: “You are crazy!”.

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