Baby tries to train Golden Retriever pup and the results are hilarious

In yet another wholesome video from Amelia’s big family, the toddler attempts to help train her Golden Retriever puppy. Unfortunately, the dogs have other things in mind for the day.

The video starts out promising, with Buddy the Golden Retriever shaking hands well, but whether from jealousy or playfulness, two of the other dogs, Phil and Teddy, butt into the training session.

Just as Phil starts to seem like he has had enough playing, Buddy abandons his training to join in the fun. Teddy, as usual, is a gentle soul, wrestling carefully with his smaller sibling.

Amelia decides to join, too, showing the rest of the family how good she has gotten at jumping. The joy on her little face as she accomplishes her first jump is adorable.

The loving family starts playing around the yard, jumping onto one another and barking. But then, Amelia’s dad starts a new game for them to play together.

He climbs over the fence and lifts Amelia with him. Amelia pretends to be the claw in a claw machine, and she picks up one of the dogs to take with her.

Even when she can’t pick up the big dogs, Amelia continues to wear a huge grin on her face. Even if the day doesn’t quite live up to their training expectations, it’s just a lovely, fun-filled time for the whole family.

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Baby tries to train Golden Retriever pup and the results are hilarious
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