Baby takes 1st steps and father’s reaction is priceless…

The first steps of the baby is a memorable event and an important milestone in the life of the whole family. Even years later, parents proudly talk about how their daughter or son managed to take these steps. And the point here is not only the touchingness of the moment, but also the significance of the experience of independent movement for a person. These are not just the first steps of the crumbs – this is a step towards growing up.

How to help the baby start walking and at what age should he go? The desire of the child to move independently occurs much earlier than he takes the first steps. Parents notice that some babies try to crawl starting from 4-6 months, and at 7-10 months they crawl quite confidently and even quickly – this is within the normal range. And here you can often hear the opinion that if a child crawls, he will stand on his feet later, because he is already doing well. There is some truth in this, since children satisfy their curiosity, or rather, cognitive interest, and they no longer want to make extra efforts to walk without support. They also like to climb on their legs, but, rather, in order to survey the surroundings and understand where mom or dad and grandparents are, but when they are forced to walk, they perceive it as violence – after all, crawling is so convenient.

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Baby takes 1st steps and father’s reaction is priceless…
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