Baby Reacts to Father’s Guitar Playing …

Did you know that a lullaby soothes your baby because it slows down the heartbeat? Music is the most important thing in our life. How often does your child listen to music? It has been proven that music plays a special role in the development of the brain of a child before birth. Listening to music during pregnancy not only has a calming and invigorating effect on a pregnant woman, but also has a positive effect on the baby in the womb.

From about the 16th to the 18th week of pregnancy, the baby hears the first sound in his life. By the 24th week, the small ears begin to develop rapidly, and the baby has been found to turn its head in response to voices and noise, and in the last months of pregnancy, it can recognize its mother’s voice, her native language, individual words and rhymes. Music contributes to the overall development of the child and helps to build skills for future schooling, especially language and reading skills. Learning to play a musical instrument can help develop mathematical thinking and even improve school performance.

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