Baby learns how to walk with her pet dog’s support…

The child learns to walk with the support of his dog. Allison and Matt live with two pet dogs, Mason and Breck. When Allison was pregnant, the two dogs knew something was going to happen. So when she gave birth to a girl, the couple worried about how the two dogs would react to the new family member. When the couple brought home their newborn, both dogs were very excited. They immediately ran up to the baby and began to sniff her. However, much to the surprise of the new parents, the dogs next to the baby named Jordan looked uneasy.

From day one, the two dogs spent time by her side. However, Mason went one step ahead. He was a shadow to little Jordan. He stayed close to Jordan at all times and also kept his head on her to rest. According to Allison, Mason was like a safety blanket for Jordan. Mason liked to come and lie down next to Jordan. The two played with each other, and Jordan put small plastic glasses on Mason’s head. The dog was very patient with the naughty baby. Mason also entertained her whenever he could. It was funny how these two interacted with each other. They always spoke to each other in their own language. Jordan learned to stand up by leaning on Mason and leaning on his body. With the help of a dog, she learned to take her first baby steps. He was always there for Jordan.

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Baby learns how to walk with her pet dog’s support…
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