Baby can’t tell which of these identical twins is his real dad… ?VIDEO

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one of your parents had an identical twin? This child goes viral because he cannot tell his father from his uncle, who are identical twins. Baby Reed is pacing back and forth between his father Stephen and Uncle Michael and is obviously very confused by the whole situation, just like any toddler. Even when Michael takes off his glasses to help baby Reed see them, the little one still points at Michael and says, “Daddy.”

And that’s what makes this video so charming. Baby Reed always says “Dada” and points to the twin who is not holding him. Even when his father, Steven, is holding him, he still points to Michael! Meanwhile, the dog in the background seems to be rolling his eyes in annoyance as this charade unfolds in front of him. “How can this little man not tell them apart? Doesn’t he have a nose?

Some viewers are even wondering if the kid will grow up confused about who his father is, as these twins look so much alike to each other even in their own style. If you’re still wondering which one is which, the father, Steven, is on the left in a gray sweater, and the uncle, Michael, is on the right in a pink shirt.

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Baby can’t tell which of these identical twins is his real dad… ?VIDEO
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