The cutest baby chef goes viral with his cooking videos…

Kobe, the baby food chef, has already amassed over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. He has almost as many as Guy Fieri! Kobe’s mom said she never thought baby chef cooking videos would become so popular. This baby chef is really adorable. He is wearing a red chef’s hat and his blond hair is showing through. Kobe also has a matching red apron. His smile is infectious and you can’t help but enjoy watching him.

He talks to the child when he mixes, eats, stirs and tastes different foods. Kobe loves to watch and help his parents cook and bake. He really gets into it, adding ingredients to every creation. At one point, Kobe stands in front of a whole tray of delicious freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and smiles. His facial expression is hysterical as he tries various foods.

Kobe’s mom Ashley says: “He enjoys doing it so much and has such a big personality that I decided to record it to share with friends and family in the first place.” Kobe seems to love the camera.