Kaylee Bell shocks the judges with her own song on The Voice Australia… ?VIDEO

The dream of many growing up children is to become a famous singer. There are many different ways to get into the business now, unlike a few decades ago when it was about who you know and your talent. The Voice of Australia is one such place to showcase your skills, which is what Caylee Bell did. From the very beginning, it was obvious that Kaley had exceptional talent. The judges were immediately surprised by the purity of her voice. It was the perfect transition when she had to change the pitch of a song.

Her voice and stage presence were so professional that most people would never know that she was no longer a famous artist. But her talents didn’t stop there. It soon became apparent that she could also play the guitar she held in her hands. The vocals stopped for a few seconds as she delivered an impressive solo, and then continued to play along with her voice throughout the song.

The judges turned around in their chairs to listen to the song towards the middle of the song, honoring it with their support and encouragement. All the judges wanted her to join their teams. However, the problem was that Kaley was singing a song dedicated to Keith Urban. In fact, as the information is later discussed, the song was written by Kaylie and some of her friends.