His sister wasn’t there to audition but she nailed it on ‘The Voice’

‘The Voice Australia’ witnessed a unique audition when 19-year-old Jordan Fuller sang, followed immediately by his 16-year-old sister Sian. Jordan had planned to audition, but Sian was just there to watch.

Jordan tells host Sonia that their mother was a music teacher, and she always ran shows when they were younger. Everything changed when Sonia found out about Sian’s talent. She coerced her into auditioning by asking a few leading questions.

After Jordan tells Sonia that Sian is a better singer than he is, she asks Sian if she’d want to audition. Sian tells Sonia, ‘I haven’t applied, and I’m 16. Maybe in a few years, I’d do it.’

Sonia asks the producers, ‘Can we see whether or not Sian can audition today?’ Sian quickly replies, ‘I don’t know what I’d sing!’ Sonia tries to calm her down, telling her that she will go right after Jordan’s performance.

Jordan stuns the judges when he sings Harry Styles ‘Falling Again.’ The pub worker always dreamed of being the singer at the bar and not the barkeep. The judges all spin their chairs quickly in response to his amazing voice.

After Jordan hears the judges’ praise, his sister comes out on stage to perform. Sian Fuller sings ‘Bruises’ by Lewis Capaldi. She gets three lines into the verse before the first judges buzz in. She continues to the bridge, and the chorus and the audience freaks out. The other two judges turn their chairs, and Sian is now in the spotlight.

This talented brother and sister pairing is back-to-back perfection. Every judge wanted both of them, and the audience loved their voices. Sian was in the right place at the right time, and both siblings advanced!