Funny moments of babies trying things for the first time… ?VIDEO

The introduction of solid foods is one of the most exciting (though challenging) stages of your baby’s first year. Think of all the flavors and textures that await your little one, from zesty cheese to juicy mango and creamy avocado. There is a whole world of flavors to discover and explore, and initial solids are the first step.

Encourage your child to have fun trying new foods, even if most of them end up on their bib, tray, or floor. It’s all part of a great experiment to take the taste buds to the next level. First, the digestive system of a very young child—from the tongue, which pushes out any foreign matter that comes in contact with it, to the intestine, which still lacks many digestive enzymes—is not ready for solid food during development.

In addition, there is no need for solid foods at an early age – babies can meet all their nutritional needs during the first six months of life with breast milk or formula alone.